tail -f judofyr


cat 13:26:02 UTC

Welcome to my new blog, tail -f. This is a blog unlike others: there's
no titles, no summaries, no fancy formatting. No, this is more like a
diary: a day-by-day listing of thoughts and remarks. It's a way for me
to escape the restrictions of blog posts. You see, every time I try
to write a blog post, I feel an urge to make it special. I want to
categorize it, give it a good name, find a suitable place for it. I want
to fill a void in the world. Unfortunately, this means that I have no
place to write shorter, not-so-important thoughts.

So I'm trying a new angle. In this blog there's no structure beyond a
timestamp. A post doesn't have an identity. This is a place where I can
write whatever I want, regardless of how trivial or silly it seems.

This is a blog for **me**, the author; not you, the reader. Let's see
how this works out.